sharing the stories of the city, one tale at a time

Charm City Love, Inc. is an organization comprised of young adults dedicated to using multiple platforms to provide assistance and share the stories of individuals or groups in the community whose voices are unheard.  


CCL Events

Charm City Love is dedicated to helping our hometown, Baltimore, be the best it can be. We host events year around to provide clothing, food and conversation to those in need. Our activities range from playgrounds builds to clothing drives. 


Wellness Weekend

March 11, 2017: CCL partnered with the Sage Center to get residents of the Family Recovery Center's mind, body and soul in shape! Check out this event and more by clicking the link below!

A Simple Act Of Kindness


Make the first step...

Charm City Love is comprised of young adults who believe a simple act of kindness can make the biggest difference in another person's life. Each week we will feature a simple act of kindness from around the country that touched our heart.

Remember, you don't need to be rich to make a difference in someones life. A simple act of kindness can go a long way!


The CCL Basics

Now that you have seen some of our activities and initiatives that are near and dear to us, please get to know "us" better! We collect the stories of the city but we have a great story as well! 


Our Story

Charm City Love was founded July 2014 by Erin Phillips. Her mission was to bring young adults together and use their unique skills to give back to the community. Every member of Charm City Love is passionate about giving the community a voice. 


Charming Stories!

In addition to serving our community, Charm City Love documents and shares stories that have changed our perspectives on life. These stories have touched us so deeply that we had to share them with you all. Enjoy the many tales of the city!

Lending a Helping Hand

Your donation allows us to participate and organize initiatives to give back to the community. It also allows us to document our initiatives and all of the stories that we hear so that we can continue to spread them to you. We  appreciate your continued support.

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